Steph’s Story:

I am writing in regard to the therapy given to my daughter, Stephanie, by Dr. Mary Nochimson. As a mother, I have explored many treatment modalities for her autistic spectrum disorder because I believe there is a reversibility to this affliction. While I accept her for who she is, I aim for greater functionality and ultimately an independent life for her. Therefore, in addition to traditional behavioral, speech, and occupational therapies, I sought chiropractic and Eastern medical solutions. They involve relaxation and anxiety reduction, but more importantly, energy medicine may free up flow for optimal functioning.

There have been impressive results with Craniosacral Therapy and NAET abroad so I especially wanted to try those. It’s difficult to find a therapist here that I would feel confident in their abilities, but Dr. Mary did not disappoint. Stephanie was comfortable with her right away and the sessions relaxed her. Over time, I felt she made better eye contact and was more tuned in and interested in her surroundings. She began texting her family members expressing opinions which she never engaged in much before. She’s made steady progress and I have hope for the future.

As parents, we are our children’s greatest advocates. After countless approaches, I finally feel we’re on the right path. I would heartily recommend Dr. Mary to others as part of a multidisciplinary effort to make the most of their potential.


Nancy G. (mother)

Hope for Alecx:

Doctor Mary is an absolute treasure! Her compassion and dedication is unparalleled. My daughter Alecx was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder seventeen years ago. Over the last seventeen years she received speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and applied behavior analysis(ABA). My daughter made significant progress in the last two years when Doctor Mary began to treat her.

Doctor Mary possesses extensive and current knowledge of the impact of Chiropractic Care and alternative therapy and she applies her expertise while treating my daughter. After several months of seeing Doctor Mary, I noticed that my daughter’s conversation had more depth. She became more inquisitive about the world, and she began to share events that were happening at school. She acquired various communication and social skills as a result of seventeen years of therapy, and finally she is applying these skills. My daughter has been a toe walker all her life, which caused her calf muscles to tighten and I used to live in fear that one day her achilles tendons may snap. After seeing Doctor Mary for a few months my daughter walked flat all day for the first time in her life. Her toe walking continues to improve today.

Her enthusiasm to help others is refreshing and contagious. When you speak with her about her foundation, her face lights up and her eyes sparkle. Her dedication to her patients is exceptional, I am especially impressed by her desire to learn more about her patients and her field. Doctor Mary is compassionate and intelligent, and she has a clear sense of purpose. I believe she will make a significant contribution to the autism community.

In my family, Doctor Mary is the answer to a prayer.

Lorna M. (mother)